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DAY 3 - Friday, 31 July 2009


Sighting 068 - MARIA SOLTIN

MARIA SOLTIN (7203699), Denmark, 805gt, completed Rendsburg 3-1972 1972 ODABO - 81 UNICORN ODABO - 91 MARIA THERESA - 99 MARIA SOLTIN

The "veteran" of the week! Seen previously as ODABO and MARIA THERESA. 9.08am, and now we can go for breakfast!

My views of her while ODABO remind me just how much the geography of my own River Tees has changed over the years .... and also how much technology has improved!

Colour version and same view in greyscale showing funnel markings, obviously differing for those originally bestowed.
Taken during my first ever trip on the Manchester Ship Canal on 6 July 1974.
It would appear the ODABO, then two year old, was entering the Canal alongside us.

Middlesbrough Dock Cut on 11 November 1979
My notebook for this sighting merely said "Tees" which could be anywhere on the river other than a specific dock. When scanned the print confirmed the location with the tug station on the extreme left. The enlargement, from about a quarter of the negative width is not too bad considering.
I had to think back 30 years as to why I could not get a closer view. She appears to be actually laid-by on the OME (Owners of the Mdidlesbrough Estate) Wharf. Ahead of her was South Wharf, but I cannot now recall if that was already then in commission for the small tanker trade (somebody will no doubt tell me!). At one time it was possible to walk along Dock Point opposite (where the old Harbour Office used to be) but by 1979, less than a year before Middlesbrough Dock was to close, the site had been taken over by, I think, Whessoe initially, with other owners subsequently.
The other reason I could not get a closer view is that this was taken in what I call my pre-telephoto days! I was still around a year away from getting a better quality 35mm camera, and it was another year after that before I purchased a zoom lens, which would have brought this view to full frame size. My "new" digital camera would simply swallow it!

The location shown is now the site of Middlesbrough FC Riverside stadium!


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